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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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The India Economy Review ISSUE DATE
15th Aug 2011
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Guideline For Contributor
    1/1/2011 10:09:26 PM

Content: Articles should be in the areas of education, health, poverty, unemployment, agriculture, industry, service, FDI, international trade, infrastructure and environment, pertaining to Indian economy, which are of contemporary interest and value to the esteemed and intellectual readers. The journal seeks to present an eclectic approach supported by empirical research or practical applications as necessary. Contents that demonstrate clear and bold thinking, fresh and useful ideas and solutions, accessible and jargon-free expression, and unmistakable authority and proficiency are those most likely to meet our reader’s needs.

Reviewing Process: Each article is reviewed by the Economics Research Group (ERG). If found suitable, the same may be sent for another round of review before final acceptance. With prior information and consent, the editors reserve the right to modify and improve the manuscripts to meet The IER’s standards of presentation and style. The editors also have full right to accept or reject an article for publication. Editorial decisions will be communicated within a period of two weeks of the receipt of the article submission.

Word Length: Articles should be of 2,500 to 3,000 words including abstract and references.

Headings And Sub-Headings: Headings should be typed in capital and underlined; sub-headings should be typed in upper and lower case and underlined.

References: References to other publications should follow the Harvard style.

Figures, Charts And Diagrams: Use of figures, charts and diagrams should be kept to the minimum and text should indicate where the same will appear. All tables, charts, graphs should be typed on separate sheets. They should be numbered as Table-1, Table 2, etc. The graphs must have the minimum amount of descriptive text and the axes should be labeled with variable written out in full, along the length of axes.

Abstract And Key Words: An abstract within 100 words and three key words should be submitted.

Author’s Bio-data And Photograph: A brief bio-data with full postal and e-mail addresses and a coloured photograph should be sent along with the articles.

Copyright: Authors should warrant that their work is not an infringement of any existing copyright and will indemnify the publisher against any breach of warranty. The articles published in The IER will become the legal copyright of the publisher. The articles appearing in The IER are the personal responsibility of the authors themselves and do not reflect the views of the editor, principal or the Economics Research Group (ERG) or the sponsoring organization. The author(s) will receive a complementary copy of The IER in which their articles are published and this does not include postal/courier charges.
Submission: The submission should be sent to Sray Agarwal at  sray.agarwal@iipm.edu


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