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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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The India Economy Review

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"The India Economy Review" is a mainstream economics journal published every quarter. It targets mainly practicing economists, policy makers (The government and agencies), institutions of economic interests, corporates, students and research scholars in the field of business & economics. This in-house journal is managed and edited by the IIPM Think Tank.

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Image not found India Should Focus On Genuine Progressive Index (GPI) For A Real Picture
Prasoon S. Majumdar, Managing Editor  New Delhi

   Economics is funny! I remember my professor used to say that instead of conducting classes in air-conditioned rooms with lights on devoid any ventilation, it is much better to conduct the same in open areas. By doing that, the later adds to our health while the former adds to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The more we burn power and thereby health, the more the economy grows! Funny, isn’t it? ..Read more
Guideline For Contributor
Articles should be in the areas of education, health, poverty, unemployment,agriculture, industry, service, FDI, international trade, infrastructure and environment, pertaining to Indian economy   Read...
Call For Papers
The IER is a quarterly journal featuring contents of academic and professional interest that are of utility to managers, policy makers, politicians, consultants, teachers and students in the areas of Economics and Management.   Read...
Praise for The IER
“In my opinion, it has fulfilled its objective in presenting a comprehensive, up-to-date and clear exposition of the issues and concerns that are essential for understanding, evaluating and ...” Mr. U.K.S.Chauhan,New Delhi   Read...

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