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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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  About Us

    The IIPM Think Tank, an independent, interdisciplinary and India-centric research body, is inspired by Dr. M.K. Chaudhuri’s vision of India as an economic powerhouse in the 21st century; a modern nation state where poverty becomes history and the underprivileged are not consigned to the dustbin of amnesia. The national presence (across seven nodes, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad) makes our understanding of the economy superior achieve considerable influence as a catalyst, bringing together and deploying the skills of an extensive network of experts, where in many research fellows, research associates, research assistants and program coordinators embark on research assignments and network with global intelligentsia that we built up over many years. Politically independent and non-profit, we promote developmental ideas through research reports, development reviews, briefings, seminars, media appearances and website. It aims to develop future ideas and interventions, which are both politically practicable and economically feasible and its work is addressed primarily to government officials and legislators, researchers and students, business executives, professionals, journalists, and all citizens interested in a serious understanding of government policy, the economy, and all other important socio-political developments.

    We fervently believe that policy-relevant research, if applied in appropriate fashion, can accelerate the pace of development. What makes our initiative unusual is that we aim to generate this research at the local level. Thus, it is in the generation of local knowledge that, we opine, underlies a much needed alternative perspective on facilitating change.

    The India Economy Review is a small manifestation of our vision, ‘THE GREAT INDIAN DREAM’, featuring contents of academic and professional interest that are of utility to entrepreneurs/managers, policy makers, politicians, consultants, academicians and students in the areas of Economics and Management. It is a multidisciplinary platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge (pertaining to Indian economy), in the areas of industry, services, FDI international trade, infrastructure, environment, education, health, poverty, unemployment, agriculture and public governance. This broad-spectrum public-interest publication is editorially independent of IIPM and is not peer reviewed. All of the IER journal issues are written and edited by an in-house research team and a range of external, well-respected experts are also regularly commissioned. It offers seminal and contemporary ideas to its discernible readers and claims a wide and high ranking readership and as well enjoys the reverence by encouraging economic research and analysis to achieve a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the development process needed for policy making. The issues covered will have a broad span of Indian and global significance and the overarching objective is to make IER an essential source of analysis on policy issues for India and other economies. The journal is published in February, June, September and December (four times a year). The present series begins from 2003 and in recent period the number of pages has increased while the price has been held down

    The IIPM Think Tank looks a few years forward, seeking to foresee upcoming issues that can be enhanced by sound thinking and criticism, and attempting to position ‘Great Indian Dream’ initiatives on the future economic agenda. Within its editorial production, capacity–building and dissemination activities, as well as within its projects, researchers are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of integrity, intellectual rigor, and research excellence--and for sustaining think tank’s founding commitment to open inquiry, lucid exposition, enthusiastic debate and continual improvement in the institutions of Indian development. The IIPM Think Tank’s current research is clustered into under-mentioned broad research areas: Education, Health, Poverty, Unemployment and Entrepreneurship, Industry, Agriculture, Services, Infrastructure, FDI, International Trade, Governance and Environment. These themes are neither static, nor mutually exclusive. They change over time, and acquire new meaning. As some issues gain eminence, others may fade into the backdrop. All of them, conversely, are completely central to the process of growth and development, and represent the core of what the think tank is and accomplishes in its day–to–day activities.