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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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    Since its incorporation (1973), IIPM has been an institution with privileged traditions, in the diversity of its fraternity, its global outlook, its world class research and its commitment to alternative national economic planning process. It can be said, without much oversimplification that there are no ‘underdeveloped economies’. There are only ‘under managed’ countries. Japan 140 years was ago was an underdeveloped country by every material measurement. But it very quickly produced management of great competence, indeed of excellence. The policy inference is that ‘management’ is the prime mover and ‘development’ is the consequence. At IIPM, every one considers that development is a matter of human energies rather than economic wealth. And the generation and direction of these human energies is the task of ‘management’. Accordingly, we formed The Great Indian Dream. Unlike any other dream, this is one dream which each one of us are determined to realise and that too in our own lifetimes. Each bit of cynicism and condemnation from pessimists makes us evolve even stronger and determined. All our endeavours and initiative is towards realisation of this dream, where in we produce committed ‘bare foot’ managers and entrepreneurs who are needed by nation, on an insistent basis. As an educational institute, we aim at initializing a three dimensional personality in IIPMites, viz.
    Pursuit of knowledge in economics and management
    Commitment to economic, social, political and technological upliftment of masses and
    Cultivation of taste for literature, fine arts and etc.
    Economists often have limited access to the practical problems facing senior managers, while senior managers often lack the time and motivation to look beyond their own industry to the larger issues of the global economy. It has set before it the twin tasks: to reorient education and research towards the needs of both the private and public sectors and to establish the link between the National Economic Planning and the development of private enterprises in Indian economy. IIPM dares to look beyond, and understands that what we teach today, other adopt tomorrow. IIPM’s service output (education, research and consulting,) is a unique combination of two distinct disciplines: economics and management. Through this integration, IIPM helps guide business and policy leaders in shaping the Indian and global economy, bringing together the practical insights of industry with broader national and global perspectives. A hall mark of IIPM is that it is armed with the comparative advantage of engaging the committed, passionate and brightest management post graduates and undergraduates, who pursued the education at IIPM and subsequently joined it, to realise the dream. IIPM alumni, spread across the globe, holding crucial decision-making positions in the corporate sector, are bonded by the one ideology of making a positive difference, turning that ideology into a movement itself. The India Economy Review is another humble initiative towards the realisation of the same and more distinctly, engaging the broader publics and pertinent stakeholders.

    The Indian Institute of Planning and Management: IIPM constantly works on developing the core areas of management. The Indian Institute of Planning and Management lays emphasis on the key areas of management coupled with the basics of management. The Institute explores various avenues of management with the support of its highly dedicated faculty which constantly keep it abreast with the latest updates in the field of management.    Read More