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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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The India Economy Review ISSUE DATE
15th Aug 2011
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Praise for The IER
Praise For The India Economy Review    5/30/2011 6:41:51 AM


“In my opinion, it has fulfilled its objective in presenting a comprehensive, up-to-date and clear exposition of the issues and concerns that are essential for understanding, evaluating and suggesting solutions to the important national economic problems.”
Mr. U.K.S.Chauhan, Director, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi

“...I laud your info base and analytical prowess; particularly your solutions vis-a-vis international experience...you may like to examine further from your side the aspects of futures trading in the perspective of the Indian farming community given your extant knowledge base in agriculture.”
Mr. Suvendu Ganguly, Deputy Director, Forward Markets Commission, Kolkata

“…I thoroughly enjoyed going through your recent issue of India Economy Review…it is undoubtedly a mammoth task of pulling together divergent perspectives on the critical issues of the nation…”
Dr. Parth.J.Shah, Centre for Civil Society, New Delhi

“The IER, a thematic compilation of economic thoughts, ideas, questions, answers and solutions...promises to usher in a potentially better, if not necessarily newer, dawn of economic policies that radiates the power to dispel the current darkness of socio-economic and socio political confusion... the review exudes qualified optimism about country’s prospects.”
Mr. S.R.Kasbekar Senior Editor, The Financial Express, Mumbai

“I have to say that the India Economy Review, 2005 Volume- III, is very impressive and the material is very good. I send all of you involved with it, my heartiest congratulations and wish you all the best.”
The Lord Paul, The Rt. Hon. Lord Paul of Marylebone

“Undoubtedly, it is of exceptional quality and amongst the best that I have seen in my interaction with similar organisations in different countries. I merely wanted to write to you and congratulate you and your institution on an extremely well researched and presented endeavour... I have taken the liberty of putting the copies that I had got along in the WTO library.”
Mr. Shishir Priyadarshi, Development Division, WTO, Geneva

“...The India Economy Review is a very informative document.”
Dr. V.L.Chopra, Member, Planning Commission, New Delhi

“...I found it very useful material, which has dealt with the vital issues that we are facing in the field of education, health, poverty
and employment. I would like to compliment all the authors as well as the editorial team for bringing out such a valuable publication.”
Dr. Arun Nigavekar, Chairman, UGC, New Delhi

“If the purpose of a think tank is not merely to think issues through but also to ignite thinking among the readers, I think you have succeeded very well indeed.”
Mr. R.Badrinath, Director, Division of Trade Support Services, International Trade Centre, Geneva

“Modern India certainly needs more think tanks like yours... unlike most academic journals, yours is well-designed, readable and also conveys a sense of aesthetics and humour through the illustrations... it well reflects the high standards of the IIPM.”
Mr. Brij Khindaria, President, Diplomatic forum for Business, Geneva

“I have received the IER issue...very impressively put together with a lot of solid analysis...kudos to those who are bringing it out.”
Mr. B.S.Raghavan, IAS(Retired), ex-US Congressional Fellow, ex-Policy Adviser to UN(FAO), ex-Adviser to International Commission on Peace and Development, ex-Director, Politician and Security Policy Planning, Government of India

“I am much impressed by the content and quality of the journal  India Economy Review and the wide range of issues it covers.
The editors indeed fully deserve the title of ‘think tank’!”
Dr. V.M.Madiman Rao, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
“Thank you very much for sending me the India Economy Review 2007 on India’s Policy Deficit: Planning for Change. I appreciate the initiative taken by the IIPM Think Tank in this area.”
Dr. Indira Hirway, Centre for Development Alternatives, Ahmedabad

“Your publication is interesting and useful to us in our work.”
Mr. Mihir.R.Bhatt, Honorary Director, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute, Ahmedabad

“It is nicely designed and also rich in contents.”
Dr. Rudra Narayan Mishra, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad

“We at IDEI do appreciate the efforts being made by your organization...IER which is committed to enhance public awareness of policy  issues in economics and management and to engineer solutions that will fulfil the Great Indian Dream.”
Ms. Rajpreet Kaur, Program Support Officer, International Development Enterprises (India), New Delhi

“I like the content, which is extremely detailed but balanced and certainly offers a good non-ideological mix from leading authors.”
Dweep.I.Chanana, UBS Philanthropy Services, a consulting unit of UBS AG, Zurich

“I managed to flip through the Review and found some of the articles very interesting ... IER has an interesting mix of articles and the photos and layout are also very well done.”
Ms. Kumkum Dasgupta, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

“They are highly informative, focusing on contemporary issues.”
Dr. Rajib Kumar Sahoo, Senior Economist, Canara Bank, Bangalore

“Presentation of IIPM Think Tank is really of high quality. Your team led by Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri  and Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri deserve the appreciation from every one who has a vision and dream for a new innovative India. Hope your effort will become a path finder for innovative research workers.”
Dr. Gouri Pada Dutta, Chairman, Subject Committee (Health), State Planning Board, West Bengal, Kolkata

“I would like to Congratulate IIPM for bringing such critical policy issues to the forefront, especially as India and world’s other great economies tread on the path of globalization and economic liberalization. Your efforts at adding the human face to some very core management areas are indeed commendable.”
Mr. Bharti Ali, Co-Director, HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, New Delhi

“I have been reading it with great enthusiasm, interest and curiosity nonetheless. I would also like to congratulate you and your team for truly high-quality editions of IER that are of the prime importance to the future of India’s thriving economy.”
Dr. Rok Spruk, Slovenia

“I have received your energy /environment special issue. I enjoyed reading it. This is one of the most comprehensive reviews available on the subject today... This number is timely and will serve as a basic reference for leading policy makers/planners in India. In fact, I can say that all your volumes are packed with information/ideas for development workers. I wish you all the best in your new assignment.”
Dr. G.Poyya Moli, Member, CEM, IUCN & Member, SEAC & SHCC, Govt of Puducherry, Reader, Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

“I am impressed particularly with the varieties of issues that you have been able to cover in this publication. Thank you for this spectacular piece of work.”
Dr. Soumendra K. Dash, Chief Economist, CARE Ratings Ltd, Mumbai

“I find that the journal covers a wide range of subjects in Economics, and is very useful both for reference and research.”
Dr. Prabha Panth, Professor of Economics, Osmania University, Hyderabad

“The copies of IER are excellently produced and its so nice to see that you have many new names from new institutions.”
Dr. PadmaPrakash, Editor, eSocialSciences


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