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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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Special Issue
30th Sept 2010
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Comparative Planning
A Tale of Two Countries:India and Malaysia
Amir Ullah Khan

From State to Democracy: Two Views of Capitalism
David A. Andelman

The Road to Prosperity:Market vs State
Rok Spruk

Developmental Planning
Plan and Policies: Unsolved Riddle
Ajitava Raychaudhuri

Inclusive & Integrated District Planning
Anindo Banerjee

Unhealthy Planning
Ravi Duggal

Re-planning the Planning Commission
The IIPM Think Tank

Integrated Planning
Indicative Role and Planning Reintegration
Hemanta Saikia

Economic Planning: Revisiting Early Debates
Pradeep Banerjee

Foresight of Planning and Clarity in Commissioning
Prashant Singh

Economic Planning and Industrial Policy
Raj Aggarwal

Central Agency in Plural Democracy
Sony Pellissery

In the State of Cryptobiosis
Sray Agarwal

The Complexity and Need for Evaluation of Planning Agencies
William R. DiPietro

Resource Planning
Where's Natural Resources in the Development Strategy?
Debnarayan Sarker

Plundered Histories, Forgotten Terrains & Entangled People
Goldy M. George

Is Big Dam a Planning Paradox?
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee

Transformative Planning
What Do We Want Them to Do Now?
Amal Sanyal

Legitimatization of Planning Bodies for Development
Gouri Pada Dutta

Don't Throw the Baby with the Bath Water
Manoj Kumar

Whither Economic Planning?
MK Datar

Decommissioning the Planning Commission
Rabin Majumder

Makeover of Planning and it's Commission
V.K. Srinivasan & S. Chakravarthy