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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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15th May2011
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Alternative Budget
The Do Dooni Chaar Budget
Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri
Why and How we must save farmers and agriculture to save India

Delivering Promises
India Eclipsed
KK Srivastava, Consulting Editor, The IIPM Think Tank

A see-through Budget!
Sray Agarwal, Deputy Editor, The IIPM Think Tank

Changing the 2011-12 Health Budget and Beyond
Ravi Duggal

Public Expenditure for Healthcare
Sakti Golder, Research Officer, Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA)

Budgeting for Adaptation to Climate Change
Gyana Ranjan Panda, Programme, Officer Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability

New Frontiers of GRB
Yamini Mishra, Gender Responsive Budgeting Specialist,South, East and South East Asia, UNIFEM

Union Budget — Misplaced Priorities, Displayed Outcomes!
Prasoon S. Majumdar

Inclusive India
Financial Inclusion: A Viable Option for Inclusive Growth
Ameet Banerjee, Faculty, Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow University

Inclusive Growth in India: Past Performance and Future Prospects
B. Grewal, P. Malhotra & A. Ahmed , Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Does Market Provide Better Solution for Growth than the Indian Planning Process?
Kishore G. Kulkarni, Professor of Economics and Editor, Indian Journal of Economics and Business & Brian Stofka, Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

Planning Paradigm
From State to Democracy: Two Views of Capitalism
David A. Andelman, Editor, World Policy Journal President

Makeover of Planning and its Commission
V.K. Srinivasan, Vice Chairman, IIE,Hyderabad & S. Chakravarthy, International Consultant,Competition Law, India

Policy Perspective
Meeting The BRIC's Generational Challenges
Vinod Thomas, Director-General and Senior Vice-President, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank

Private Sector and Quality Concerns
Amit Kaushik, Director, Education Strategy,India and SAARC at Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Changing Scenario in Higher Education in India
Mrutyunjay Dash, Assistant Professor, Economics & International Business, Asian School of Business Management

Trade, Corporate Market and Indigenous People
Goldy M. George, PhD Research Scholar, School of Social Sciences, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Multilevel Fiscal Governance in a Balanced Policy Environment
Chanchal Kumar Sharma, Associate Fellow, Centre for Multilevel Federalism (CMF), Institute of Social Sciences

Policy Prospective
How e-Governance Can Enhance the Reach and Delivery of JNNURM?
Srinath Chakravarthy, Vice-President, National Institute for Smart Government (NISG)

Praises for The Indian Economy Review

Unleashing Urbanization
Urban Planning in India's New Development Strategy
Vidyadhar K. Phatak, Independent Urbanists, Formerly - Principal Chief, Town and Country Planning Division

Welfare Economics
The Alchemy of Development: Lessons from Bhutan
Vijay Kumar Shrotryia, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Commerce, School of Economics, Management and Information Sciences

Ecology and Tribal Society in Arunachal Pradesh
Chunnu Prasad, Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Taxes,Policies and the Economics of Frederic Bastiat
Pradeep Banerjee, Management Consultant