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15th Aug 2011
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May-July 2011
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1st Jan 2011
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Agricultural Economics
Technological Innovation in Indian Agricultural Marketing
Aparajita Goyal, Economist, The World Bank

Turning India’s Irrigation Portrait Upside Down: Dominant Views Vs Realities
M. Dinesh Kumar, M. V. K. Sivamohan, Institute for Resource Analysis and Policy, Hyderabad & Prof. A. Narayanamoorthy, Alagappa University

Prasoon S. Majumdar, Managing Editor

Environmental Economics
Dealing with Environmental Degradation
Anu Singh, Economist & Entrepreneur

Regional Patterns in the Distribution of Polluting Units
Prabha Panth, Professor of Economics, O.U. P.G. College, Secunderabad & Rahul A. Shastri Professor and Joint Director, National Akademi of Development, Hyderabad

Financial Economics
Greek Crises & its Impact on the World Economy
T.Koti Reddy, Professor in Economics, IBS

Planning Paradigm
Planning vs the Market and the Role of Govt.
Dang T. Tran, Chair and Professor, Department of Economics & Statistics, College of Business & Economics

Policy Perspective
Male and Female Flower Trading Farms in West Bengal: A Case
Prof. Sanjukta Chakrabarti, Bhangar College & Prof. Debnarayan Sarker, Centre for Eco. Studies, Presidency University

An Imperative for Promoting Inclusive Growth
Pradeep S. Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS International

RTI: Some Reflections and Ruminations
Saumitra Mohan, District Magistrate and Collector

Towards Improving Governance
SK Agarwal, Vice Chairman

Unleashig Urbanization
Conceptualising Rural-Urban Dynamics
Alex M. Thomas, Research Scholar (M.Phil Economics)

Unleashing Urbanization
A Kind of Urbanisation
Amal Sanyal, Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance, Lincoln University

Tagore's Vision of Rural Economic Upwliftment
Anshuman Paul, Senior Editor – Special Projects, Daily Indian Media; Professor of Marketing & Branding, IIPM

Climate Change Risks & Adaptation: Indian Mega Cities
Architesh Panda, Research Scholar, Institute for social and Economic

An Alternative and a Less Painful Process
T.H.Chowdary, Director, Centre for Telecom Management & Studies; Chairman, Pragna Bharati, Fellow,

Towards Making India’s Urbanization Inclusive
Indermit Gill, Chief Economist; Chor-ching Goh, Lead Economist & Somik Lall, Senior Economist

Acquisition of Agricultural Land: Lucknow Metropolis
S.S.A. Jafri, H.R.Nangalia & S.M.S. Jafri

Building Modern 'Urban' India
Rok Spruk, Economics Research Fellow

Bringing Back Harappa and Mohenjo-daro
Sray Agarwal,Deputy Editor,The IIPM Think Tank

Green City Carpool System for the Traffic Management
Srinivasulu Rajendran, Research Scholar (Economics),JNU & Kirti Danwar, Consultant (Economic Policy)

Welfare Economics
Social Security of Social Groups in Assam
Chunnu Prasad & Gautam Kr. Das

Engaging Communities for Better Health Care Services
George Cheriyan, Director & Om Prakash Arya, Project Coordinator, CUTS International

Satiation in the Solow Model
David Hudgins, Department of Economics

Understanding Political Economy of Food Crisis in Niger
Jaideep Rajak, Centre for West Asian and African Studies, School of International Studies

Attaining Comprehensive Development
R. S. Bora,Associate Professor & Swati Virmani, Research Analyst